Jeju, day not really 1

I will go into the details of the insanity that was boarding my flight later. Suffice to say, I’m in Jeju. As soon as I got to the hostel, after 6:30pm, I crashed.

The hostel is kinda in the middle of nowhere, but the area is pretty.

There is one lady also staying in my room (Sophie, from Hong Kong). She’s invited me to go with her sightseeing tomorrow, admittedly rather early, but I’m planning to go.

We’re going to a foot village, then to see some waterfalls.

The only things I have a ‘set’ ‘plan’ to see/do are visit the Teddy Bear museum and go to a beach. Though I saw something about a cave, which would also be cool (and maybe see the volcano, IDK). We’ll see.

The guy I kinda have liked for the last few months is actually working on Jeju for a few weeks (He had been super unenthusiastic about the job when I booked the trip so I thought he wasn’t doing it). I don’t know if I should try to see him (since he is NOT interested, but we are friends) or just say fuck it and surf tinder instead (and finding someone new after the debacles here was why I joined it to begin with). Bah.

Went early to the bus station and had the following translated:
‘I need to go to Gimpo Airport. Is this the right ticket?’

The answer was no apparently. I got the ticket changed but now I’m not leaving until 10am, and my flight is at 12:40 ~ which is cutting it close.

AND NOW I’m getting a data usage warning. Fucking great. Screw it, I’ll incur charges.


Not only does the data show that young people in general are going to the theater less with the largest drop (17%) occurring in the sought-after 18 to 25 demographic, but it indicates that movies that skew toward a male audience are performing worse than ever. That’s a big problem for Hollywood, considering that their male-oriented franchises seem to be garnering less female viewers than ever, too.

Could they be tired of seeing white dudes save the world? It certainly seems like it, as over time from Spider-Man 3 to Amazing Spider-Man 2, the webhead audience has gone from 54 to 61% male, and the Transformers movies have been following that trend with a now 64% male audience. In the old wisdom, that would’ve been great news, because those demographics were thought of as an endless fountain of money and numbers like those would’ve been seen as evidence that “girls don’t like sci-fi/comic book/[insert genre here] movies.”

But with both of the most recent entries in those franchises also hitting franchise-low domestic gross numbers, it’s well past time to rethink that and work on bringing back the female audience. The male audience isn’t cutting it, and women are getting tired of movies that don’t speak to them or accurately represent them.





tell a self proclaimed male feminist that he cant be a feminist and watch him turn in to the biggest misogynist abusive shit within 0.2 seconds. happens 100% of the time.

Maybe if you weren’t being a bitch to people trying to help you they wouldn’t be a dick in return.

i wonder if men are actually trying to prove my point on purpose?